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Name the 2014 National Thanksgiving Turkeys!

American culture contains its share of famous masculine duos: Tom and Jerry, Batman and Robin, and Starsky and Hutch to name a few. Now Morven Park’s fans can be part of history by naming another masculine duo … the 2014 National Thanksgiving Turkey and his alternate.

Morven Park, where the turkeys will reside after their presumed pardon by President Barack Obama, is encouraging its Facebook fans to submit pairs of names for the two tom turkeys that soon will join 2013 National Thanksgiving Turkey alternate “Caramel” and the site’s heritage bronze turkey “Franklin” at Morven Park’s Turkey Hill Farm.

Names may be submitted via Morven Park’s Facebook page, where people also will be encouraged to vote on their favorites. The top three entries will be sent to the White House for consideration in the final naming. The entry deadline is November 11.

Caramel and his cohort Popcorn arrived at Morven Park in January after spending the holidays at George Washington’s Mt. Vernon. Unfortunately, Popcorn died of natural causes in July.

Traditionally, the turkeys are presented to the President at the White House just before Thanksgiving. This will be the first time the turkeys will arrive at Morven Park directly from the White House ceremony, tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 26.