Horse Trials

Morven Park Spring Horse Trials

April 1-2, 2017

Join us for another great weekend of eventing at Morven Park!

Registration is now open at

Contact Laura Doyle at or (703) 777-2414 x6614 for more information. 

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Photo credit: Valerie Durbon Photography (2015)

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Each spring and fall, Morven Park hosts its Horse Trials, which present wonderful opportunities to bring the family. Competition typically begins with dressage, followed by show jumping and cross-country jumping. A complete schedule of events will be posted here a few days prior to the start of the horse trials, or you can contact Laura Doyle at 703-777-2890 x6614.

Horse Trials are also known as eventing, which is the triathlon of horse sports and is the most exacting, exciting and fulfilling of all the equestrian sports. It is one of the fastest growing equestrian pursuits in the world – and one in which riders of all ages and abilities can compete.

The ultimate challenge for horse and rider, eventing tests their partnership and athletic prowess in three diverse and demanding disciplines:

  • The grace and harmony of dressage.
  • The rigors and thrills of cross-country.
  • The power and pageantry of show jumping.