Meet Our Turkeys

Meet our feathered friends who call Turkey Hill home!


Honest is a broad-breasted white turkey hatched in July 2015. He was raised at Foster Farms in California, alongside three of his current roommates, Abe, George, and Thomas. At the 2015 White House Pardoning Ceremony, he came in second place to Abe, the official White House Turkey. Thankfully, he still received the traditional pardon and now calls Turkey Hill Farm at Morven Park his happy home. Honest's White House profile deems his strutting style as "skoots in boots," and notes that his favorite music is country. He is also considered to be the calmest and most laid back turkey at the Park. 



Abe, the 2015 White House Turkey, is a broad-breasted white turkey hatched in 2015 and raised at Foster Farms in California. Known as the most food-motivated of all of our turkeys, he now lives on Turkey Hill with three of his "childhood friends", as well as Franklin and Cheese. According to Abe's White House profile, his strutting style is "macho man" and his favorite type of music is country - just like his best friend, Honest!




George, also a broad-breasted white turkey born in July 2015 and raised at Foster Farms, is the shy one of the turkey group. He also traveled to New York City to appear on Wall Street and on TV with his friend, Thomas, then made the AMTRAK journey to DC and the Park. Both he and Thomas were named by a local fourth grade class (for George Washington and Thomas Jefferson).