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Update on Equestrian Arena Project

Due to the presence of limestone formations within Morven Park’s planned site for its new equestrian arenas, the organization is revising its site plan to avoid these particular areas of concern. With the new plan well underway, Morven Park reports that the new plan is every bit as attractive for horses, riders, and spectators as the original.

“As much as we would like to speed up the Loudoun County permitting process, we do appreciate the care being taken by officials that we locate the arenas in the safest, most ecologically sound spot possible,” said Director of Development and Communications Suzanne Musgrave. The limestone that is so prevalent in this area of the County can be eroded by underground water, and care must be taken not to further increase any instability of subsurface geology, which can cause sinkholes and expose groundwater to pollutants.

Morven Park has retained John Blackburn, a renowned site planner and architect of beautiful stables, to collaborate with the organization on the revision. “John is busy designing and drawing, and we will submit the revised plans as soon as he has them completed this summer,” said Musgrave. “We have asked the County for a swift response that will allow a projected construction start date in the fall”

While this has been a lengthy and costly process, Morven Park remains dedicated to completion of this project in order to sustain the legacy of equestrian excellence that has endured here for more than 100 years.

“We truly appreciate the patience and encouragement that Morven Park has received, not only from the equestrian community, but from all our friends and benefactors,” added Musgrave.