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Purchase a Morven Park Schooling Pass!

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Thank you for your interest in schooling at Morven Park!
All schooling reservations MUST be submitted online using this form. Phone calls and emails are no longer accepted. 

To make a reservation, use the Schooling Reservation Calendar button below.


  • Morven Park requires riders to wear a helmet while mounted on a horse.
  • Schooling jumps and poles are provided. You are responsible for course set-up and take down.
  • if you have any questions, please email

To use the Schooling Reservation Calendar:

  • You will need to know the number of horses you are bringing and the name of each rider who will be in attendance.
  • You will need to have electronic copies of each horse's coggins. 
  • You will be asked to complete an electronic Hold Harmless Form for each rider. 
  • Reservations are not complete until payment is submitted below and you receive a confirmation email from the Morven Park Equestrian Team.

To make an online payment,

  • select the desired schooling location (the INDOOR Arena or WIMERT Field)
  • select the number of horses you plan to bring
  • click on the "Pay Now" button to be taken to PayPal
  • submit payment via credit card (or login to use your PayPal account)
  • you will receive a payment confirmation email within 24-hours of submitting payment.
Fee is $25/horse.
Fee is $35/horse.
Payment Option
Your total payment will be
Your credit balance will cover
Your credit card will be charged
Your bank account will be charged

Thank you for your payment to Morven Park International Equestrian Center!