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Morven Park Civics At Home

Educational Activities

The Morven Park Center for Civic Impact is #HereToHelp with kid-friendly educational activities. All are modified versions of the Morven Park Center for Civic Impact curriculum and can be completed from home. We'll post new activities to our Facebook page each week!

Here's what we've worked on so far:

Let's get started on our "Monarch at Home" activities! These are ideal for elementary-aged students and can easily be completed at home.

  • This first activity introduces children to the monarch butterfly and its unique life cycle. To access the activity pages--> To access a printable butterfly finger puppet-->
  • Let's learn about migration! We'll learn about the long and challenging journey monarch butterflies face each year as they make their 3,000 mile migration from Mexico to Canada and back! Have fun learning about these important pollinators! Handout-->
  • In this last activity we'll learn about the monarch butterfly's meadow habitat, the butterfly's survival needs, and the struggle over habitat loss. Worksheet-->