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Educational Activities

In these Soil Scientist lessons we will talk about different types of soil, conduct our own experiment, and discover ways we can help keep soil healthy. Soil Scientist activities will be appropriate for elementary students.

Welcome Soil Scientists! For our first soil lesson we will be taking a look at three common soil types found in Northern Virginia.To complete the lesson, watch the video above and have these worksheets nearby:
Soil Personality Types-->
Soil Investigation Sheet -->
(You can type into the .pdfs or print them out and write in your answers)

This lesson is great for Kindergartners - 3rd graders, but any age can enjoy it. Have fun!


In this lesson we continue to look closely at the three soil types (rocky, clay, and sand) by conducting a water experiment. The experiment will show us how well these three soil types hold onto water or move it away, taking important nutrients with it.



In this video, we mix the different soils together in order to find a good Northern Virginia soil blend.


Now's your chance to try a similar experiment at home. We promise it will be neat! 


Okay Soil Scientists, this is our last lesson! So far we've looked at different soil types common in the Northern Virginia region and conducted experiments to test different soil properties. Now we'll learn about the last ingredient in soil-- humus or compost! This will help make sure your soil is healthy and strong.

Today's handout-->