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Our Approach

Center for Civic Impact

We are building a stronger democracy by inspiring and preparing the next generation of active citizens. We work with Loudoun County, Virginia and DC area youth from 5 to 18 years old, teaching them the skills to be engaged citizens now and throughout their lives.

What drives our work?

The Morven Park Center for Civic Impact is committed to building a vibrant and sustainable democracy by fostering a commitment to civic and community life amongst our country’s youth. We believe that learning the skills and dispositions needed for this must be an integral part of the K-12 educational system. Our programs and curriculum challenge students to address real issues and step into their roles as active citizens so that they are confident and ready to engage in civic life now and after graduation.

How are we making an impact?

Sustaining a healthy democracy now and into the future is a challenge we take seriously. We believe that learning to lead an active civic life should start as early as kindergarten and continue well beyond high school graduation. Our K-12 programs center on building skills and putting them into practice so that students of any age can make a positive impact on their world. Join us in making an impact.

How do we structure our civics education curriculum?

We offer educational programs and activities beginning in kindergarten and extending through high school to empower youth to be engaged citizens now and throughout their lives. As students grow from young learners into young voters, the scope of our programs expands from a focus on the individual, to community, to country.