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Morven Park Inc.

Our mission is built around four core values:

Conserve, Preserve, Educate and Connect for today, tomorrow and the future…

•        Conservation

•        1,000 acres of park land, open space, woodlands, historic trails, riding facilities and boxwood gardens

•        Preservation

•        The historical legacy of the Westmoreland Davis family at Morven Park (1903-1942)

•        Expanding the understanding of enslaved individuals and key sites on the property.

•        Stewardship of the iconic 19th-century mansion, art, and collections 

•        Educate, Engage and Connect

•        246 Years: Social Justice Project Cultural Heritage Database

•        Civics and STEM programs serving 7,000 Loudoun County students

•        Preservation Forum dedicated to advancing the field of historic preservation nationwide

•        Our world-renowned International Equestrian Center

•        Building for future generations through initiatives that:

•        Give back to the Community

•        Create new opportunities and sustainable revenue sources

•        Developing new private/public partnerships


Archeological building elements that would have been familiar to and/or created by the enslaved community at Morven Park