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About the Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation:

246 Years is an initiative developed and managed by Morven Park, a historic site owned and operated by the Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation (WDMF), a private, non-profit 501(c)3 organization established in 1955.  WDMF is a financially stable organization with a reputation of providing high quality programs in a range of areas for both local and national audiences.  The WDMF Board of Trustees and senior management are dedicated to the success of the 246 Years project.   Jana Shafagoj, Director of History & Preservation at Morven Park, is leading the project with the help of Jackie Ly, Morven Park’s Museum Engagement Manager. Mrs. Shafagoj has over 20 years of experience successfully managing multi-million dollar projects and developing innovative and collaborative programs both locally and nationwide.