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Become a Food Vendor

Become a Morven Park Preferred Vendor

Thank you for your interest in Morven Park's Preferred Vendor Program! 

Morven Park is a 1,000-acre Park that hosts events at our Athletic Field Complex, Equestrian Center, and is home to popular events such as Polo in the Park and Sparks at the Park. To be considered for any of Morven Park's events you must be a member of our Preferred Vendor Program. Preferred Vendors pay an annual $150 fee to be on the list that we provide to tournament directors, party rentals, and other groups that utilize the Park for large events and/or need food trucks. When attending an event at Morven Park there is also a daily fee that is based on the size of the event (anywhere from $50 for less than 500 people expected, up to $200 if there will be more than 1,000 people on site) and Preferred Vendors pay a discounted day rate. 

You can review the daily rate guidelines below. To become a Preferred Vendor, please complete the form below and submit payment via credit card. 

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Morven Park Preferred Food Vendor Policies & Guidelines:

  • To provide flexibility to events of all sizes, Morven Park welcomes food vendors. Upon booking an event at Morven Park, a list of Morven Park Preferred Food Vendors will be provided as a resource to all event organizers.
  • All Food Vendors must operate an established mobile food unit, restaurant, or catering business and must hold a Virginia Food Permit. If a food permit is held with another state, a temporary food permit must be obtained from the Loudoun County Health Department.
  • All Food Vendors must follow all food permitting regulations required by Loudoun County and the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • All Food Vendors must dispose of grey water and all trash off-site after an event.

Daily Fees – 

Main Entrée Food Vendors -              
<500 people - $50> 501-1,000 people - $100/day
1,001< people - $200/day

Supplemental/Side Dish/Snack Food Vendors –
<500 people - $50> 501-1,000 people - $75/day
1,001< people - $125/day

To become a Preferred Vendor, please complete the form below.
When you click on "Pay Now" you will be taken to PayPal and asked to submit credit card information on their secure site. 

What type of food vendor are you?
Please choose ALL that apply to your business.
Preferred Vendor Program Payment:
This is an annual fee.
Your total payment will be

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