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Three museums, historic farm buildings, nature trails,

gardens and open space.

The Center for Civic Impact

School Programs at Morven Park

We believe that all youth need opportunities to prepare and practice for lives as citizens in a healthy democracy. Our school programs focus on developing four core characteristics of an active, effective, and informed citizenry. These core principles are woven into each of our programs so that all students are equipped with the right tools to make their impact.

Knowing their voice matters.

Examining current issues.

Taking responsibility.

Making an Impact.

Programs teach students to take action to positively affect their environment, community and democracy starting as early as kindergarten and continuing well beyond high school graduation. 

To reserve a program or to learn more, email or call 703-777-2414, ext. 6617. 

Elementary School Programs

Woodland Explorers (K-1st grade)

Meadows, Milkweed, and Monarchs – Oh My!  (2nd grade)

Soil Scientists (3rd grade)

Middle School Programs

From Many to One (6th grade)

The Kitchen Table (6th & 7th grade)

Stars & Stripes (7th grade)

Teen Advisors (8th grade)

High School Programs

The Advocacy Game (11th grade)

Every Citizen a Soldier (11th grade)

Balancing Act (12th grade