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Morven Park Mission & Team

Morven Park is a nonprofit organization that is run under the direction of the Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, which is dedicated to preserving Morven Park, once the home of Virginia Governor Westmoreland Davis, as a place of historical and cultural value. The Foundation only partially supports the operating budget of the 1,000-acre historic estate and horse park, with the remaining funding support coming from contributions given by generous donors.  

Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation Board of Trustees

Mary Lou Leipheimer - President

  Jim McDermott - Vice President 

Browning Herbert - Treasurer

Stacey Metcalfe - Secretary, Executive Director/CEO

Chris Donovan

Gary Clemens

Connor Marsden

Jennifer Bullard Broggini 

Kate Gordon

Newsha Nazmi

Kari Murphy

Michael O'Connor

Bruce Forbes 

Joanne Theurich

Rick Tracy


Morven Park is operated in the public interest by the Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation,
a 501(c)(3) organization founded to protect, preserve and promote the historic and
cultural resources of Morven Park. Morven Park is on the National Register of Historic
Places and is a Virginia Historic Landmark.