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Why does Morven Park need volunteers?
As a small non-profit, Morven Park relies on the generosity of our community to accomplish nearly everything that we do. The gift of time and energy, given freely by individuals or groups, ensures that the Park always looks beautiful, that our special events and competitions run smoothly, and our museums are properly researched and cared for. The gift of your time has immense value. Volunteers also serve as our biggest community advocates and supporters, helping to spread the word about our special corner of Loudoun County. Join our dynamic team of Morven Park volunteers as an MVP!

Why are volunteers called MVPs?
At the end of a season, many sports teams award a special player with the title of MVP, Most Valuable Player. At Morven Park, we believe that ALL volunteers are MVPs, who contribute their time and expertise to enhance the overall mission of Morven Park to be a place of recreation, education, and inspiration. We hope that our MVPs know how much they are appreciated and how essential they are to our efforts to maintain 1,000 acres of green space while simultaneously offering a variety of educational and recreational experiences to the public.  We couldn’t do all that we do without our MVPs!

Join our team of MVPs!! Simply complete the form below and submit a volunteer application today!

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You may submit a resume if you’d like, but it is not mandatory. If you have a resume you want to submit, email it to

Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed by the Volunteer Program Coordinator and you will receive a response (in 5-7 business days), detailing next steps. Questions can be directed to